10 Reasons to Shop Local at Barkley's and Beyond!

10 Reasons to Shop Local at Barkley's and Beyond!

Millions of people shop online every day, and in 2022 Amazon generated an estimated annual revenue of $514 BILLION. Spending at huge online retailers does almost nothing to support the local economy. Amazon doesn’t need your purchasing power, but your community does! Here are 10 things to know about how you can make a BIG impact when you spend your money locally.

#1 Non-Profit Support

Locally owned businesses care about their customers and their community. There are hundreds of local non-profits and youth organizations that look for support from small businesses. By spending local, you are supporting the whole community! At Barkley’s we are proud to sponsor sports teams, donate to raffles and tricky trays, and partner with local rescue squads and pet rescue organizations.

#2 Local Investment

Most local businesses are owned by people who live nearby, and are deeply invested in the community. As businesses grow, they continue to invest in the community. After 10 years in Flemington, Barkley’s opened a second location in 2021 in Branchburg, adding jobs and filling a storefront vacancy left by a national chain.

#3 ‘Multiplier Effect’

When you make a purchase at a locally owned business, more money is kept in the community because businesses purchase from other local businesses and service providers. Your spending leads to more spending…thus it is “multiplied” leading to economic growth. At Barkley’s we are proud to work with local vendors and feature locally made brands.

#4 Local Jobs

Healthy local businesses lead to more local jobs. When you spend locally you are supporting a network of local jobs you might not have considered like marketing, graphic design, printing, accounting, cleaning services, landscaping and more. Local employees spend local at restaurants, shops, and service businesses – the ‘multiplier effect’ at work!

#5 Better Customer Service

Customer service is everything to small businesses – it is what will keep customers coming back for more. At Barkley’s, we provide the best customer service because we care about every single customer and their human.

#6 It’s Personal

Local businesses are run by people, not corporate boards, and over time you get to know them. At Barkley’s we are proud of the number of customers who return to us regularly – our secret to success is simple – we care!

#7 More Choices for You

Healthy businesses supported by the community leads to growth and ultimately more choices for you! Small businesses choose products or services based on the needs of the community, their own unique interests or talents, and opportunity. Success brings more choice and diversity in the long term.

#8 Unique Businesses add Character

The character of our local community is defined in part by the businesses and the environment in which they reside. Barkley’s community dog walks are about sharing love of our pets and enjoying our unique community together.

#9 It’s Good for the Environment

The amount of packaging, wear and tear on our roads, pollution, and just plain waste that goes along with big online shopping services has been well documented. You can lower your carbon footprint by shopping local.

#10 You matter!

You have influence through your purchasing choices. All businesses respond to their customers, but in a local environment your feedback and values truly have influence. This is simply not true at all large online retailers or most big box stores. At Barkley’s if you need something special or have a challenge with your pet, we will figure out a way to help!

When you choose to spend local, be proud that you are supporting local jobs, local investment, local non-profits, and the unique local character of our community. THANK YOU for shopping local at Barkley’s!