Injoya Lavender Garden Snuffle Mat
Injoya Lavender Garden Snuffle Mat

Injoya Lavender Garden Snuffle Mat

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Introducing the Lavender Garden Snuffle Mat—a luxurious collection designed for engaging playtime. Made with upgraded durable polyester, this long-lasting mat can withstand rigorous play.

Inspired by lavender fields, it features vibrant purple hues and soft, plush fabric layers for a comfortable surface. The textured design simulates grass or foliage, providing a natural sniffing and foraging experience.

More than a toy, the Lavender Garden Snuffle Mat stimulates your pet's mind. Hide treats within and watch as they use their sense of smell to find them, promoting mental agility and offering an outlet for energy.

Easy maintenance is ensured with the machine-washable design, keeping the mat fresh for continued enjoyment. Indulge your pet with the ultimate luxury of the Lavender Garden Snuffle Mat—elegance and functionality combined for hours of joy and engagement.

It is non-toxic, durable and made of safe and premium Polyester. 

  • Size:  1.57" H x 27.17" L x 20.87" W
  • Material: RPET &  Polyester