Dr. Harvey's Kidney Health Supplement for Dogs

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Dr. Harvey’s Kidney Health is an all-natural, safe, and effective herbal and mushroom supplement which has been specially formulated by Dr. Harvey to help support your dog’s kidneys. This potent and effective mixture of herbs and mushrooms works hard to support your dog’s kidneys. When used in conjunction with a pure whole food diet that is low in phosphorous and full of nutritional support, this supplement can help your dog to begin the healing process.


Rehmannia Root, Red Sage Root, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Reishi, Organic Shiitake, Organic Poria, Organic Milk Thistle, Organic Burdock Root, Chitosan, Codonopsis, Organic Astragalus Root, Organic Dandelion, Organic Cinnamon, Chlorella, Organic Nutritional Yeast, Bee Pollen



Mix with food. Dosage based on weight of dog. Use scoop amounts listed below – twice daily. 3-18 lbs. - 1 scoop. 19-45 lbs. - 2 scoops. 46-80 lbs. - 3 scoops. 81-125 lbs. - 4 scoops.


Storage Instructions

Store in a cool dry place.