BarknBig "Ginormous" USA Bully Stick

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- Promotes Dental Health
- Brain Stimulation
- Odorless
- Long-Lasting
- Single-Ingredient

BarknBig's Bullarge Beef Bully Stick is 11"-13" in length and weighs from 3.5 ounces up to 7 ounces. We are confident that this Bully Stick is the LARGEST you'll find anywhere!

The BarknBig Beef ChuBull is  7"-8" in length

These Bully Sticks are truly odorless, they are soaked in a proprietary marinade that is cooked out in the slow-bake process. This odorless chew is safe for indoor enjoyment. Always monitor your dog with any bone or chew.

BarknBig "Ginormous" USA Bully Stick
BarknBig "Ginormous" USA Bully Stick